A shattered glass shudder
shimmers spilt oil halo
spectra in the night.

All that ever was
glitters in our pyrrhic victory
acrid tang
wire wool
that scours

but the laughter always follows
one along
slow and steady
one along slow and
steadies one along.

Oh the neon
all the fractures
swap and wobble
all the fractures

hold up
throaty growls
sway creaking boughs


swap the low ebb cheap
for fluorescence
and traded sleep
its delerium
is concrete.

We’ll get your money’s worth.

Count the sirens
hold them back
between hillside gaps
and pin point echoes
triangulate the be all

forlorn valley intervals
that give their way to
the light stacked steep
fought space
rational towers

clip frames
and failures
draw out wails
span the aural range
and right back there again

slow and steady one along
the slow steadies one along
and the laughter always
follows one along.

Three in a row
bottoms up
the fourth
is drop
into a shadow’s hole

arguing the toss

with reflections
in off white plaster
where decoration should be

slow but frantic
steady gone
and the laughter with it

is below
is warning
bleak as Wednesday
in pale mid-morning

it will pass before returning
on a dim lit Sunday afternoon.


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