Concrete and Fire

The warmth,
and ecstatic crackle
of plots and plans intersecting,
effervescent characters connecting.
Mighty bridges of stone
that can break chains built,
bear the world’s weight
and bring forth unimaginable power.
They cannot extinguish this,
they cannot tame it.
Collective clout
impact that reverberates,
echoes across continents,
in our communities,
with no end in sight.
We infiltrate the future
and breath deep hope into life,
in these years of dimming light.
It is concrete.
As everything else solid melts to air
we enter the flux once more.
Wild eyed,
with will for the fight,
hearts on sleeves,
colours pinned to the mast
Disdain to hide a shred of the belief,
the proud principle
with which we’ll rise.
for when the clock strikes
and we meet again
under new skies
to see fevered ideas
thunder into life.


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