Summer 2011

This a piece of spoken word about responses to the riots in England in Summer 2011. It’s taken me a while to get the words right, and I’m not still sure I’ve got them right, so I’d be interested to hear any opinions.


One comment

  1. Stephen M Rees · March 18, 2015

    Hi James,
    I liked this when you read it to the Barcelona Poetry Group and I like it now. I also like the unintentional (surely) contrast between what you say and are talking about and the rather nice peaceful pictures behind you! I think you need a blank canvas when you speak your poems – invest in a sheet backdrop so that you become the focus!
    I think that your use of rhyme is great – I only wish I had your facility myself!
    I also like you take on what happened and I think that you voice something that many of us thought when so-called ‘decent’ people, friends, relatives, said things that were difficult to forgive.
    I look forward to more! It is truly unfortunate that Spain and Catalonia at the moment offer so much which deserves the sort of scorn to which you give a poetic voice.



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