This is a piece I wrote after reading an article in the Croydon Advertiser last week, which reported on riot police being used to chase up benefit fraud suspects. It made my stomach turn. These publicised shows of force aren’t new, they’ve been used against immigrants by the UK Border Force and UKBA for years. Disturbingly it looks like the DWP have realised the success that such stunts have in hardening peoples attitudes.

Three dull thuds, followed by a sound like a whipcrack,
The door splinters.
Masked figures pour in, roaring orders.
Belongings rifled, people startled
Staggering, bemused, in their underwear.
A flashbulb splits the dawn darkness.

Before those cuffs have clicked,
Column inches are sent to edit.

Uncritical sycophantism from journalists that are embedded.
Money for old rope.

An alliance of boot boys and pen men
Modern day means test,DWP letter threats,
And compulsory courses that’d spin Kafka’s head.
Their cupboards heave and sag,
But the skeletons stay inside.
Yet they want you to know, they are the law.


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